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Joseph Joseph South Africa - Guarantee

About our guarantee

Joseph Joseph is proud of the quality and workmanship in its products and we hope that you do not experience any problems. In the unlikely event that your product develops a fault, our guarantee periods are outlined below.


Please note that the guarantee covers faulty workmanship and/or materials when the product is used in normal, domestic conditions and in compliance with the care instructions provided.


It does not cover the below:

Accidental damage, normal wear and tear, damage caused by abuse or negligence, staining caused by strongly coloured foods/spices, melting caused by overheating, scoring of boards.


What is the guarantee period?

The guarantee will apply from the original date of purchase.


For products purchased directly via the Joseph Joseph website:

  • All products - 1 years 


For products purchased via an authorised retailer:

  • All products - 1 year


What information do I need to provide?

To make your claim, we kindly ask you to contact us with the below information:


Joseph Joseph South Africa website customers: 

Your order number, product batch code (where applicable), clear images or video footage of your defected item if possible


Retailer customers: 

Your proof of purchase, product batch code (where applicable), clear images or video footage of your defective item


What is a product batch code?

Our batch codes are located in different locations depending on the product. Please use the guide below to help you identify yours. If you still need help finding it, our Consumer Care Team will be more than happy to help.




Type 1:

Used for the majority of our products except knives & Totem bins (see below).


Batch Code Style:

Circular dial with numbers.


Location / Format:

Imprinted on the product itself or on the packaging in the form of a sticker.



Type 2:

Used for knives and a few other products.


Batch Code Style:

A date code consisting of 8 digits and 2 letters.


Location / Format:

Printed on the packaging near to or alongside the barcode.



Type 3:

Used on Totem Bins.


Batch Code Style:

A date code consisting of 8 digits and 1 letters.


Location / Format:

Printed on the inside of the drawer.


Do you have any exclusions to the guarantee policy?

We will not guarantee products which:


  • Have not been used or maintained in accordance with the Care Instructions
  • Have been modified or repaired by anyone other than Joseph Joseph
  • Were purchased as pre-owned, refurbished, outside of South Africa or via an unauthorised re-seller; In this instance, your consumers right would lie with the point of sale


Guarantee FAQs

For more information on our Guarantee Policy, please click here.